The RISK21 Steering Team serves as a global multi-sector body responsible for coordinating, integrating, and providing guidance for the RISK21’s many active program areas as well as maximizing the program’s overall scientific value. The Steering Team is composed of the leadership of each of the four RISK21scientific project teams, staff, and additional scientific advisors. Project leaders participating on the Steering Team are key experts in their particular project area and have volunteered significant time to the formulation, direction, and management of the programs. Public sector / private sector & global balance is a major tenet of the RISK21 program, and each project team has one co-chair from the public sector, and one co-chair from the private sector. All formal recommendations and actions put forward by the Steering Team are shared with the balance of the RISK21 program participants.

Overall Project Co-chairs
• Alan Boobis (Imperial College London)
• Tim Pastoor (Syngenta)

European Government Representatives
• David Bell (European Chemicals Agency)
• Ian Dewhurst (UK Chemical Regulation Directorate)

Exposure Science
• Michael Dellarco (National Institutes of Health (US)

• Sam Cohen (University of Nebraska Medical Center)
• Craig Rowlands (The Dow Chemical Company)

In Vitro to In Vivo Extrapolation (IVIVE)
• Ron Hines (USEPA)

Integrated Evaluation Strategies
• Doug Wolf (Syngenta (USEPA until 2014))
• John Doe (Parker Doe Partnership)

Cumulative Risk
• Angelo Moretto (University of Milan)
• Ammie Bachman (ExxonMobil)